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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 12, 2013 10:30am-11:00am PST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we find great videos so you don't have to and it's time to talk about them, "right this minute". a trooper is helping stranded drivers off snowy roads. >> big semis are flying by. >> what happens when one flies right at him. rescuers thought they just would pull a small deer out of the pond. >> it wasn't quite that easy. >> see why small doesn't mean
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slow. a guy high on high above the adventure and you've got -- >> sweaty palm time. >> why this is the real man of steel. plus a scientific mystery to use your noodle on. and you know you want to watch this. >> boys, you can thank me later. >> for a valentine's day surprise. >> thanks a lot, beth. you're right. when they send out those warnings that the roads are bad and tell you to stay home, you should stay home. here is a perfect example. from des moines, iowa, near the i-80 exit, trooper's car pulled over to help these women's car stranded near the ditch. big semis are flying by and he has another passenger in his car who he had already rescued who was stranded. that guy is in the front seat of the cruiser. as the trooper is walking up to give aid to the two stranded women, watch what happens. >> oh watch out. stay in your car, stay in your
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car. >> oh! >> that is a semi completely jackknifing and running into the back of the trooper's parked car on the side of this highway. you see the guy in the front seat of his car bounce around. you see the glass breaking. you actually hear the trooper. >> watch out. stay in your car. stay in your car. >> that was to the two stranded women in the car in the ditch. now the trooper didn't mow what to do. he just started running in the opposite direction to get away from this sliding semi. fortunately nobody was hurt. this is during a blizzard back on december 19th and 19th and kcci reported during the two-day storm there was 150 collisions, 200 stranded vehicles. a lot of people in a lot of trouble when they should have probably stayed home and not tried driving. >> watch out. stay in your car. stay in your car. . you're tired.
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it's a long day. you want to go home. in rio, that's a bit of an issue if you're trying to ride the metro rail. i don't know how bad you need to get home to ride the train like this. you can see the train is stuffed, completely stuffed like a sardine can. and it looks like a couple metro employees are trying to shove the people in. >> it's like cattle. they are like cattle. might as well get a prod. >> you might as well. once they shove them in they have together to force the doors closed. >> are you kidding me? what if you're claustrophobic in the center of that car and you got in to a not crowded car and suddenly you're smashed in there and nowhere to go. >> people seem to go into it. like if you don't want to get on the train you wouldn't get on it. >> what if your stop was the next stop and you're in the middle of the car. there's no way you're getting out. all those people won't get off and get back in so you can get off at your stop. >> that's why this train is so fullp. no one can get off of it.
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>> how long could it be for the next train? next train tomorrow? it can't be that long, right? >> you think the conductor comes on and says -- >> everybody, breathe in. >> you have your face in someone's arm pit because they're holding on to the -- and sweatiness and all the funk and you're just -- >> take the next one. >> yes. it's flu season. . >> there's a huge problem that's emerging in china. attacks inside doctors' offices and hospitals. check out this surveillance footage from inside a doctor's office in china. when the surveillance footage first picks up, you notice a group of people inside this office and immediately, these people start to get violent. now at first, it looks like some of the people are trying to hold other people back, but keep watching because this gets terrifying. . >> oh, man.
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>> this is a doctor's office, where you're supposed to get healed not hurt. >> he is taking a strong beating from the group of people. >> they smashed the keyboard on his head and stomping on his skull. >> i don't get it. why are they beating up the doctor? some reports speculate these people were angry because they had such a long wait. this problem is getting so severe that now there's discussion that chinese doctors need bodyguards. in fact, i have another video that shows some people attacking a doctor because he didn't prescribe morphine. this is in a hospital also in china. because the doctor didn't prescribe the morphine this patient wanted the patient and people with him, went into a violent frenzy. >> so the patient who wanted the morphine is even attacking this doctor? >> patient, patient's family members. >> beating up the doctor is only going to lengthen the time you will be sewn by a doctor. >> it can be frustrating to wait a long time when you're sick or
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a family member is sick and need help. this is no way to react. the michigan police and fire department came to the rescue of a little deer stuck in a pond. it wasn't just any pond, it was a partially frozen one. >> frozen ponds are becoming hazards for animals. >> death traps. we found this on wxyz. they say this thing was really tired from struggling and trying to escape. they tried to come to the rescue. it wasn't quite that easy. >> that's a tricky rescue because that's thin ice. you can't go out and yank him out of the pond. >> the deer, as they were trying to rescue it the first time, got scared, swam to the other side and got stuck in a similar situation. they were able to eventually rescue it using a hook and some water rescue suits and went in and got it out. here they are interviews the rescuey. this little thing suffered from hypothermiap. they took it to a rescue shelter, going to nurse it back to health and release it back to
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the wild. >> am i the only one that feels bad for the fish? fish could die because they rescued this deer. >> i'm impressed that thing didn't fall in. >> i'm glad he's okay. >> this guy's headed for more than just a jump. >> he goes for the superman. >> the superman. we'll stop it right there. see how he hands it next. and, ice cubes with colored lights invented by an m.i.t. student. >> the cubes can reliably guess how drunk you are. >> hear how these things work and the story behind them on "right this minute." e me
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a plan. - help me through the rough spots. - so you're ready to... quit? everyone wants me to quit--
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my doctor, my wife, the dog. - not good for the dog. - anyone else? hmm? what? anyone else want you to quit? me! i want me to quit. tdd# 800-933-4833 - ( rings ) - woman: smokers' helpline. oh, hi, it's me. if you've never ridden a dirt bike before, you might as well just go big. this is chris and he's full-on throttle. >> what? >> oh. >> chris goes head long over a jump and tries to jump a
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motorcycle, he goes for the superman which is a trick that a lot of stunt riders will perform where they kick their legs back out and look like superman as they're flying through the air. chris has neither the height or skill to pull that off and goes head first. >> this move was intentional? >> yeah. he tried to pull the superman. >> really, this is his first time on the dirt bike? >> that's what the guys at easy street claim, he's never ridden an went for it. >> you can't do. i can't do this and work on going straight and turning. >> he's going over a little humpp and then there was something in front of him. what was that? >> that was the landing ramp, gayle, where he was supposed to land. he blitzed the landing ramp, came down on the front tire, ate the handle bars. >> looked like the handle bars went to his teeth. >> for somebody for his first time on a dirt bike, up until the point of impact, he was good. >> got it on video. >> once i get a clip like this,
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they're thinking tv gold. >> where's daniel and rob. that better be on the show. >> they talk about ridiculousness, they never mentioned "right this minute." >> they didn't think, don't put us on "right this minute." >> okay. i'm fine with that. you remember the story of keith allison, that california man who helped rescue a dog that was left abandoned at a house after the homeowners moved out. >> it was just the right thing to do. kind of -- it just broke my heart. and, you know, i kind of felt like i was the dog and, you know, i needed help. >> well, we have an update on his story. he helped rescue caleb. he got the bill foundation involved. the bill foundation fell in love with not only caleb, but keith allison. you see, keith didn't have a job, he didn't have a car, but he had a family that he needed to feed. they started a chip-in account for him and helped raise nearly $8,000 for him. >> wow. >> so he could get a car because he said one of the things he
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wanted to do when he got back on his feet was help the bill foundation. guess what? he got his wheels. >> he did! >> nice. >> he's already helped them transport some animals because he has become a transporter. >> you can tell the guy has a huge heart. you saw what he did with caleb, at the end when we interviewed him and caleb was the happiest dog ever. thanks to all those people who donated. it's great. now he's back on his feet and able to get himself around. >> it's so awesome. the people who donate to a foundation like the bill foundation have huge hearts for animals but it's great to know they have huge hearts for people too. >> this can be scary for anybody. 23-year-old m.i.t. grad student was at a party on november 23rd. says he remembers having three drinks at 11:30 p.m. next thing he knows seven hours later he's waking up in the hospital. doesn't remember anything. says he completely blacked out. said he's an m.i.t. student. he's very, very smart.
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he invented something weeks later to prevent this from happening again. these are blinking ice cubes. excel rom ter motion data used to calculate the since and timer chip. the cubes can reliably guess how drunk you are. so your drink will flag you if you've had too much? >> exactly. >> they also blink in tune with music that might be happening in the bar or at the party. they can also sync up with his phone to text his friends if he's drinking too much. after he created this thing he took it for a test run back in december. he said he started off with his first drink. green blinking cubes in the first drink. had his second drink. cubes turn to orange. caution. third drink in less than 30 minutes. cubes started blinking red as a warning to slow down. >> i think this is a great idea, not just for a person, but for a bar owner to keep people from getting too tipsy. >> i can't help but think of using this as a fun drinking game. let's see how quickly we get
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these cubes to turn red. talks about how he made them, you don't taste them in the drink, taste like nothing, but cool to have a cup that tells you what number of drink you're on. >> it's the video with two ladies talking about their favorite yogurt. >> this is like the cute guy that cleans my pool good. >> see the story behind this one next time on "right this minute." still to come -- picture time. boys, you can thank me later. >> we're talking about some sexy bedroom video. >> thanks a lot, beth. >> seeing their ladies through a different lens, next. dad on stage, but it's the baby dance that's in the spotlight. >> that is taking the internet by storm. it is trending everywhere. >> have you seen this father/son act? see the story behind it, on "right this minute." for
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another bonus video. that means it's best of rtm time. steven has our video today. >> it's a bunch of old guys tv. tim horton, a popular coffee shop in canada and the u.s., they're singing elton john's "can you feel the love tonight" their rendition of it ♪ can you feel the love tonight, tonight ♪ >> why not. >> they're really good. check this video out, head over to and click on -- >> best of rtm. >> boys, you can thank me later. what you're looking at is a
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video of a beau dwar photo shoot. >> thank a lot. probably a little nervous, little intimidating to do something like that. this is not only a photographer you're getting, you get your hair and makeup, like a full-service dual vanity kind of bedroom photo shoot. >> like a dude me coming in like all right, spread out on the bed and let me take a picture. >> that would be creepy. >> the photographer behind this foe, too, shoot is stesha jordan and this was put together by amore films. >> looks like fun. maybe as a valentine's day gift for your hubby or your loved one. >> and stesha jordan admits she gets people laughing and very comfortable as soon as the photo shoot starts. we want to find out more about this photo shoot, all the way from tempe, arizona, we have stesha jordan on "right this minute." welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> do you specialize in bedroom
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photos? is this the main kind of photography you do? >> not the only photography that i do, but it definitely is a big part of the [ inaudible ] and i specialize in. i do weddings and engagements as well. >> what about the woman who doesn't have the perfect figure? can you still make them look fantastic? >> yes. most definitely. bedroom photography is not just for, you know, the size 2 supermodel. i think that every girl is beautiful in their own way and when you come in to the room and jesse's there doing hair and jenna is there doing makeup, it's a really fun environment and i want girls to feel as comfortable as they can. i have all different types of women that come to me for photos. mostly it is for a gift for their husband or boyfriend. we have a lot of brides that do it as a gift for their fiance and their wedding. i have girls that come in that
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just have smokin' bodies and want to have pictures taken. so there's definitely a wide range of girls that approach me. >> how much does a bed dior photo shoot cost someone? >> the cost is $350 and with that you get an hour and a half to two-hour session which includes your hair fully done, full makeup and as well as ten fully edited images after your session is completed. >> two cats, one cup of food. ♪ ♪
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coffey anderson is a christian singer and he wants to put on a good show, but this time -- ♪ >> here he is singing on new year's in irving, texas. he's on stage. who runs out, his little boy ran out. hug daddy's leg. >> oh. he's got a little paci in his mouth, t-shirt and no pants and high tops. >> he starts dancing and dances the whole video and that is taking the internet by storm. it is trending everywhere. >> look at that. he has all kinds of moves. >> rhythm. >> dancing in just a diaper. >> he has the church clap and then the stomp. >> do a little running man for a second. >> pretty incredible, this kid does not get stage fright. >> give it up for my dad. >> this is entertaining. how can you not likethis? >> this is w pancakes moves. >> and, of course, people are loving it. ♪ [ applause ] >> during this jam session he
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played 8675309 and "brown eyed girl" by van morrison. >> he posted it on his facebook page and people are saying i love it and it's so cute and you can't help but say that's true. >> that's a great outfit. i'm going to wear that one next. >> there's a tall crane in russia and a daredevil ready to climb. >> does he have gear on? >> no. >> but that ain't the worst of it. >> there's more? >> he ae's hanging by
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new york city subway riders are not strangers to impromptu performances like this. ♪ >> sometimes they're annoying, i have to say, sometimes they're entertaining, but sometimes you're trying to get to work or home from work and people doing stuff like this. a lot of times pretty impressive stunts. someone else joins in on the dance party here and that's comedian tyler fisher. >> wait a second. ♪ >> that's tyler there who comes in with a complete different brand of dance. ♪ >> little jig there. >> yeah, yeah, right. seems like the passengers are just as unamused as they were before. >> how do you not watch what's going on in front of you? these people could care less. >> these are new yorkers. completely desensitized. >> it is funny to see street
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b-boy break dancing to this. ♪ >> sweaty palm time, there's a crane in russia. we've seen this guy before. his name is mustang on the internet. first he's going to walk on it like it's a tight rope, skinny jeans and all. >> does he have gear on? >> no. >> bean cap and head phones on. >> he has on slick bottom shoes. >> doesn't matter. he will not be using those shoes much anymore. here he stops walking around and starts climbing around with his hands like a pair of monkey bars. >> oh. >> on the playground. >> oh, my gosh. he's got nothing but his brute strength holding him up. >> you have to respect that. he is back and forth on this crane with his hands. i like watching this guy. this part made me nervous. >> there's more? >> gets crazier. he's hanging by one hand on the flat part of the crane, one handing it with just his finger tips. it's making my hands hurt. >> like your throat gets all
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tight and your stomach starts hurting. >> my jaws clench. >> he's pulled his legs up. >> like a kid on the monkey bars at school. >> these are deadly. >> he really is strong. >> not like he's straining. he's pulling himself up like he's a frog. >> impressive and crazy at the same time. ♪ . people get spiders in their house all the time, a can of raid, that solves the problem. not in this instance. watch what comes out of the spider after it keeled over. >> oh, no. oh. >> that is a horse hair worm or a gordian worm. somebody came home, see the spider, spray it. it died. but the parasite living in it did not. the parasite would be the worm. some of these species can grow up to be three feet long. it is a parasite that attaches itself to invertebraes,
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basically it can get into snails, beatles, cockroaches, grasshoppers, crustaceans. what could have happened? this horse hair spider could have probably eaten another bug that had this worm in it. the other bug died. the worm survives. the spider died, this worm survived. some insect experts who got ahold of this video said we don't think it was excellent that they sprayed this spider to death. however, they said, this is probably doing it a service because it was going to die anyway with the thing in its stomach. the person who shot the video thought the spider had an enlarged abdomen. >> can this get in me. can a spider bi you a get you? >> scientists say horse hair worms do not hurt humans or plants. they're beneficial because they eat small insects. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time.


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